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Meet the Power Apps Champions


Businesses are looking for easier, cost-effective, efficient ways to develop custom apps. Microsoft Power Apps empowers employees to rise to this challenge. Meet these citizen developers from around the globe who utilize the low-code tools in Power Apps to transform their organizations. These Power Apps champions saved their companies time and money, maximized productivity, and solved business problems. See their stories here:

Meet the Power Apps Champions2022-01-19T11:18:01-06:00

Strengthening connection with remote communities with Windows 365


The coordination of moving employees around to better serve the people in remote areas of Nunavut, Canada, and provisioning hardware for remote, nontechnical staff was challenging for IT—even before the challenges of Covid-19. Now, with Windows 365, Nunavut deploys virtual endpoints to an employee's device using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. As a result, the government can support both organization owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models, and it can get users up and running with personalized, highly secure cloud PC service.

Strengthening connection with remote communities with Windows 3652022-01-18T11:37:41-06:00

Samit Saini’s Power Apps journey at Heathrow


Inspire employees to engage, imagine, and create with Microsoft Power Apps. Samit Saini was working security at Heathrow Airport when his manager introduced him to Power Apps. One week later, proof of concept in hand, Samit shared his first creation—an airport translation guide for frequently asked questions that ultimately saved 11,000 sheets of paper, 850 hours of time, and $460,000 in potential app costs. See how he did it:

Samit Saini’s Power Apps journey at Heathrow2022-01-17T11:25:20-06:00

Get started with Power Apps – Learn


Explore Microsoft Power Apps basics and learn how you can drive efficiency in your organization. In this learning module, discover how you can use the different building blocks and technologies to create custom, professional applications that solve your business's unique challenges. You can even start building your first app in minutes.

Get started with Power Apps – Learn2022-01-12T13:22:05-06:00

How Low-Code Platforms Let Developers Drive Business Innovation


Find out how low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Apps deliver apps ten times faster than traditional platforms. Join this webinar with Microsoft and Forrester Research speakers to learn how your technical team can work with IT counterparts to create unique and profitable apps. Join the app revolution here - sign up today.

How Low-Code Platforms Let Developers Drive Business Innovation2022-01-06T11:08:06-06:00

The value of low-code: turn your bright ideas into brilliant apps


Low-code unlocks team innovation and turns ideas into brilliant apps. Microsoft Power Apps allows fast and secure app development with its simple pre-built templates, adding value to your business. Low-code is the key that empowers developers across all skillsets. See Microsoft Power Apps full benefits here.

The value of low-code: turn your bright ideas into brilliant apps2022-01-03T11:28:45-06:00

Modern Endpoint Management: Why ‘built in’ is better than ‘bolt on’


IT teams need a modern approach to device management, one that seamlessly integrates all components, from the chip to the cloud. Learn how Surface has been designed with built-in support for simplified modern management of the entire device lifecycle. #SurfaceforBusiness Read the guide: Modern Endpoint Management: Why 'built in' is better than 'bolt on'

Modern Endpoint Management: Why ‘built in’ is better than ‘bolt on’2021-12-28T14:33:24-06:00

Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365


A changed workplace with increased security risks and economic uncertainties requires business resiliency. Organizations must address global burnout, hybrid work, and the complicated nature of BYOD—bring your own device. With Microsoft 365, you get a flexible, solid platform enhanced by industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security, all in one place. Its integrated features and resources will help to speed up and simplify your company's day-to-day operations while keeping all your data secure.

Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 3652021-12-28T14:16:11-06:00


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